Station 4

Location: ​12500 Rott Road

Size: ​​11,800 SF (2-story, 3 bay)

Budget: ​$2,862,132.00


The existing House No. 4 was built in 1991 for a limited crew and apparatus configuration. Staff size and apparatus requirements have expanded and created inefficient, cramped quarters for the firefighters. The facility lacks ADA compliant restrooms, sufficient number of showers, gender neutral bunk rooms and adequate kitchen / dayroom capacity. The bay area lacks ADA restrooms, decontamination and gear storage rooms. The width and depth of the current apparatus bays creates unsafe conditions during emergency operations and for general circulation. The site area is limited and provides minimal parking and less than desirable apparatus apron depth for back-in movements which creates adjacent street congestion and safety issues.

The proposed House No. 4 would be built on the same site and feature a 2 story configuration. This efficient footprint would allow for expansion of all operational and living areas while providing all necessary support functions. Apparatus, fitness, gear storage, decontamination, and passive training program elements would occupy the first level with living / support functions on the second floor. Industry standard security and technology features will enhance response and the operational efficiencies of the staff. The proposed facility would be 100% code compliant and built to essential services facility standards.